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web miami 2024/07/03 23:24:30 0 0
I bought x-spinner, I turn it on, the program tells me to update to the latest version, after the update I try to turn on the program but after clicking the icon nothing happens, my windows is win 10 pro x64 bit build 19045.4598 ver. 22 H2 does anyone have any idea how to run the program? support is not responding
viber nilto 2024/06/25 08:39:19 0 0
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dvmagic 2020/08/20 18:50:32 0 0
X-Spinner DOESN'T WORK WITH SPANISH! at lest super spin. i already asked about it, but IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Returns no spun textupd doesn't work with any spin - not superspin, not normal, not even f..ng basic! how do ou work there, guys????????????????????????
dvmagic 2021/04/09 16:21:21 0 0
since days i see such picture, how to resolve it?...
hrumer13 2021/03/24 03:11:27 0 0
Hello.Sorry for my English. Could you share the optimal settings for the program?It is important for me that I set it up once and no longer touch the program using it with software that downloads texts from other people's sites.It is important for me that there is a balance between unique and readable text.I am interested in setting in the Super spin mode.Could you please share the most correct setting, since I am not an English speaker and I...
Markus 2018/08/03 00:51:17 0 0
hi, i have spinnerchief and x-spinner. so when i tried to check rewriting to spyntax then i got non similar result. is db of spinnerchief more fresh?thanks
stewart 2020/12/31 15:45:57 0 0
Hi i want to spin an article and it has quotes from professionals. How do i spin without affecting the quotes? Do i need spinner chief and if i do how would i protect those words in spinner chief?
hrumer13 2020/11/26 20:12:13 0 0
Hey.Sorry for my English.Your program is just a miracle for different languages, but for Russian everything is very sad.Can I add my synonyms from my own handwritten database (adult words and many other Russian words in various cases in Russian).In my database they are in this format (these are Russian words):...
WhiteHatBox 2014/07/19 22:48:34 6 1
The Best Spinner to Use With Third-Party Software X-Spinner supports all third-party software and allows you to spin unlimited articles with blinding speed, better results and a lower price. And you can even run X-Spinner on a server to provide your own spinning service or integrate it with your software....
WhiteHatBox 2014/07/08 02:31:08 0 0
X-Spinner Video
Jo Glaser 2020/01/17 01:59:43 0 0
i have a wordpress plugin that use spinrewriter api.  Can i setup developer version that a api request of the plugin on the shared hosting of my provider works with the plugin? and how to do that?thank you
dawidurus 2018/06/06 18:18:29 0 0
Hello guys!I've got a problem since yesterday (before was excellent). I'm always spinning in SCM with x-spinner and was great. Now i've got something like this:...
hungryim 2019/12/08 06:19:53 0 0
Hi,When I try to spin anything using the German thesaurus in X-Spinner I immediately see the error:Spin Error > ID:n Object reference not set to an instance of an objectThe Italian and French Thesaurus work fine. Is there any reason I'm seeing this error for German?Thanks
doanchu86 2019/06/03 04:04:13 0 0
http://www.x-spinner.com is down at the moment. Couldn't access the website or the API.
vitya2019 2019/03/20 06:07:38 0 0
I can not run the program on Windows XP, although it is written on the program official page that this operating system is supported....
FontTeresa 2017/04/13 13:06:00 0 0
Just purchased the web/Mac version of SpinChief.Are there any videos or tutorials that show how to get started spinning?The videos that are available now are for the desktop software and it is different from the web/Mac version.Please help. Thanks!!
mayank112 2018/11/06 08:54:46 0 0
HiIs there an issue with the servers because I tried to run the program today and keep getting back ...
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