What Is the Best Way to Market on Facebook?

nicolos | 2017-04-01 11:58:27

Everyone wants to achieve a big success in Facebook marketing, but which is the best way to market on Facebook? I will give priority to high-quality content, for example, if lots of people in your network are clicking on the article being shared, it is more likely to show up in your news feed, even more so if they’ve commented on it or liked it. 

Essentially, the content that users have chosen to engage with will be more likely to appear on news feeds, whereas content that hasn’t garnered any interest will not.


The first step as a marketer is to understand this, and from there adjust your strategy. The two things that I recommend you do to make sure that your content gets picked up are: 
1. Know your audience. 
Facebook lets you know how many people have seen each post that you send out. Go back and see which ones get the most views, the most likes or comments and do more of whatever it is that you did with that post. Similarly, figure out which posts have been getting very little traction and avoid them in the future. Analyzing the way that your audience has interacted with your posts is one of the best ways to get to know them. 
2. Be Interesting to them.
As for being interesting to them, if you have a blog and can elaborate on your thoughts a little bit more, that’s even better. If not, something I’ve tried to do recently is summarize the key points from the articles that I’m sharing, so not only am I recommending a good article, but I can draw the audience into my post a little bit more and hopefully get some good engagement that way. 

One thing that I’ve been reading a lot lately is that the algorithm change is forcing many brands to take advertising more seriously because their content isn’t being seen as much as it used to be. Facebook advertising is not something I am personally familiar with, but from what I’ve read it seems that so long as you are specific in the audience that you target with either your ad or your promoted post, then it can be very successful. 
I would recommend trying to get your audience interested without the advertising first, then slowly but surely building more engagement from the quality posts that you send out.