4 Tips to Build Your Brand on Twitter

nicolos | 2016-12-28 01:31:12

When we are building a brand on Twitter, it is important to remember to speak, listen, and react. If one wants to grow their Twitter audience, read carefully the following tips:

1. Make sure your page is set up appropriately with your current logos, pictures, and contact information. Clarity and relevant content is key. This is your business card.

2. How do you find conversations to jump into? Use Twitter’s search and advanced search functions to find tweets that make sense for your business.

3. Use the context of your search and tweet them. But, make sure you are adding value to their conversation. Provide information or join in by asking relevant questions. Don’t just start talking at them. Find out what value you could provide. Ask what they want from your business. Pay attention to the answers the market is providing.

4. People will then be able to search for your company based on the conversations you are having. If you are providing value, people will find you and there is the ability to brand yourself as an authority in that specific space.

Lastly, remember that patience matters. You may only get 1 reply out of the 100s of tweets that you sent out. One is greater than zero and that one conversation may lead to the valuable insights you are looking for. These are my personal experience, hope they are helpful for you.