Website SEO Optimization How to Let Your Content Search Engine Included

anthony jupiter | 2016-12-30 05:30:40

Improve the article included by google, has been the webmasters are concerned about. As a website Seoer also want to publish the article every day to get the search engine included. This will not only increase the role of the site backlinks, but also on the site itself to enhance the weight and ranking  of the website. Web site SEO how to let the search engine included articles. The webmaster has some knowledge to share with us as follows.

The title of the article should also be paid attention.

In my personal perspective, the length of the title of the article also has a certain impact. If the title is written too long is not good to inclusion, so for search engines, it will think you have the title of the keyword piling suspects, there are a lot of Argument online, it is recommended that you write the title with concise words..

Second, the quality of the content of the article

  We all know that spiders are very fond of fresh things, if you provide the article is original, can give users a very valuable information, and in the search engine does not contain their own database which does not contain the search engine itself, such a content, this article is a good dish for the spider, the search engine will collect your article, wait until the appropriate time will be released, if your site has also a good weight, then, so that The article will certainly be seconds recorded by google, and this is often referred to the importance of the original content.

 Third, regular updates Every day there must be a regular site updates

I personally think is also very important. I have previously little attention in this regard, although the site every day updates, sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night, but the original article published every day, Google is not included, since some time ago, I fixed the site every day to update the article, After a few days later, the article actually included the same day.