How to Organize A Good SEO Team

anthony jupiter | 2016-11-18 03:59:17

We do seo optimization, if there is not a team, it is basically difficult to make the effect. SEO optimization, not a simple task, he needs to write articles, backlinks building, to analyze the ranking situation, to write seo optimization program, to maintain good operating prospects, there are a lot of things to do, take an optimization program for example , To write a qualified optimization program, you have to pass a lot of data analysis, research, this way, one day passed, you have to do other things  and you do not have time to optimize it. This is the corporate Web site, if it is a portal, forums, B2B, professional power-type site, then a person wants to optimize it in just a few months , it is simply impossible. So what does a full SEO optimization team need? SEO executives or seo executives as SEO department heads in the SEO sector plays a vital role. Is the leader of the entire team, is the so-called "It is just one person a talented employee ,but a group of people excellent if there is a excellent leader", a good leader to lead an efficient SEO optimization team. SEO is responsible for the overall SEO site management and management, SEO department heads need to have a high level, very understanding of the search engine and master the principles and methods of SEO. SEO department heads include:

1, SEO goals and the overall development of SEO strategic planning, writing seo optimization program is a must. While doing site data analysis. 

2, Co-ordination and communication, both with other departments of communication and collaboration, including SEO departments within the mission and plan the braking and execution. Give the team a detailed division of each member.

3, The team members of the SEO training, probably once a week on the seo sector of other personnel training. But also increase the way the exchange between the team.